What is #DCDesignWeek ?

The DC design community is an ever-growing body of professionals, makers, and voices working across disciplines to make our city more curious creative. DC Design Week is an annual celebration of this community, hosted by AIGA DC. Over the course of one week (and a few bonus days this year!), our volunteer committee offers a full roster of creative events around the entire DC/Maryland/Virginia region, ranging from major keynotes with renowned graphic artists, to intimate workshops with local makers, to morning runs around the District’s murals. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the announcement of the full schedule of events!

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DCDW2019: Unconventional Wisdom

Sure, we all know DC’s urban layout was designed by L’Enfant (to create more traffic, probably) and that the White House burned down in 1814 (damn redcoats!). But as DC natives and creatives, our community is privy to a local history of oddities and quirks that eighth grade US history books tend not to cover. Like how DC is the birthplace of Go-Go or how a Darth Vader gargoyle sits atop the National Cathedral (cue “The Imperial March”).

This year’s theme, Unconventional Wisdom, is shedding light on the more curious side of DC. In addition to a healthy dose of lesser-known local trivia, our program of events will lift up new and engaging creative voices and practitioners to share their own unconventional wisdom. We can’t wait to learn with them and celebrate this weird and wonderful city.

2019 Sponsors and Partners

DC Design Week is produced by AIGA DC, a 100% volunteer-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, in concert with a consortium of local associations, meetup groups, and small businesses — and planned by a team of creatives from our community (see below!). Major thanks to the following partners and sponsors for your support and commitment to the DC design community.

2019 Sponsors

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